Watch the video and see additional suggestions below: 

Suggestions for the Pre-Made Plans


  • Many of the plans will take more than one session to complete. Look at the directions and the plans first to see if you think that you need all of the weekly plans or just a few of them! 
  • Download, print, and laminate all of the word lists to use year after year! 
  • Use file folders to store each week's materials. Glue the directions page for each session on the front of the file folder. Store them in a filing cabinet to use year after year! 

Flashcards & Photo Cases

  • The photo case covers can be used with 4X6 photo cases from Michaels. 
  • I like to store all of the monthly flashcards in these cases for easy access! 

Other Suggestions

  • Pick and choose which plans you want to use. If you don't like some of the session plans, find different activities in the library and add them to the Calendar! 
  • Do not print out all of the materials! Only print what you need. Many of the sessions include one page for a variety of skills. Print the pages that you need for your students and nothing else!

Paper Saving Options

  • Laminate the worksheets or use dry erase folders. Then, use them as play-doh mats or use them with dry-erase markers. Save them to use again and again! 
  • Use the app 'Glow Coloring'! Upload the worksheets and have students color on them with glow paint. 
  • Use the app XODO or Notes Writer to color and/or write on the worksheets without printing them!