***All materials that you upload are ONLY shown under your profile. They cannot be viewed by any other members. They will not be shared or viewed by any other user and will be deleted when your account is deleted. You can feel safe knowing that the resources you bought are only being used by you!


  1. To add a custom material, go to Materials > Upload Custom Material.
  2. Add a title in the top text bar. This and the material upload are the only requirements to upload a PDF. 
  3. To help you categorize and sort your materials, add as many skills, categories, themes, grades, and areas as you want. Doing this will help you find them when you sort through the Materials Library. 
  4. Click 'Choose File' under Material File. Choose any PDF to upload. *The site can only upload PDFs. 
  5. If you would like to add a preview, click 'Choose File' under Preview File. 
  6. You can add an image by clicking the image box. If you do not choose an image, a general cover will be used. 
  7. Click Create Material.