With the import tool, you can import your entire caseload at one time. Watch the video to learn how!


  1. Go to Caseload > Import
  2. Download the import template.
  3. Fill in any/all of the columns in the CSV file. You can leave columns blank. 
  4. Save it as a new file, but make sure it is still a CSV file. 
  5. Go back to Caseload > Import and click 'Choose File'. 
  6. Choose the newly saved CSV file. 
  7. Click 'Import'. 
  8. All of your students will show up under Caseload. 

Important Notes

  • When adding phone numbers, do not add hyphens or spaces. Only type in the numbers.
  • If you have a 0 as the first number of your zip code, Excel will automatically delete the 0. You will need to do the following to fix it:
    • Highlight the entire zip code column on the CSV file. 
    • Click the number formating dropdown that says 'General'. 
    • Click 'More Number Formats'.
    • Choose Special > Zip Codes.