Watch this video tutorial or read the directions below and learn how to log session data!

Logging Student Data

  1. In order to log sessions, there must be corresponding events on the calendar. The system generates 'unlogged sessions' once the event date and time pass.
  2. You can get to a student log in three different ways.
    1. Click on the calendar event.
    2. Go to Caseload > Unlogged sessions and choose the session.
    3. Go to Caseload > Student > Session Logs and click the log event button at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Once you are under a session log, choose 1 or more goals that were targeted during a session.
  4. If the student was absent, do not check the box. If the student was absent, check the box and choose a reason. 
  5. Add your data for each goal.
  6. Adjust the time if needed. The time will automatically show based on the calendar event time. 
  7. Add a note if you would like. 
  8. Click 'Log Session'. 

Viewing Previous Logged Sessions

  1. Click Caseload > Session Logs to view all student logs at the same time. 
  2. To view individual student sessions, go to the student's profile > Session Logs.